Coach cline's stick recommendations

Buying a stick is an incredibly important process but can easily become overwhelming. The Dick's Sporting Goods in Lincoln has a somewhat decent selection of sticks, but only carries beginner-intermediate (and only a couple advanced) sticks. The top-of-the-line new models are only available online, so here are my recommendations!

I HIGHLY recommend to all new players to always begin with a nice stick. Buying the cheapest stick you can find will only hinder your learning process. It is much easier to learn lacrosse when your stick isn't making it more difficult to catch than it should be. Sticks can last you quite a few years (though you'll find yourself wanting the new models as they're released) so they are really worth the investment.


These sticks will have the highest price tag but will also provide you with the best lacrosse experience.These sticks are perfect for players looking to get their skills to an elite level.


Brine Dynasty Warp Pro Minimus


This is an ideal beginners' stick. This type of pocket does not require much breaking in and will never need to be restrung. The ball will sit exactly where it should right from the first catch.


EPOCH Dragonfly Purpose


This stick is made for more advanced players. It provides a lot of hold to allow for cradling and shooting at any angle. I wouldn't recommend this stick for a complete beginner.


Complete 2 Pro


This stick would be an excellent for any skill level. The full-mesh stringing allows for great hold but also a little more pocket customization than the Brine Dynasty. .



STX Crux 600


STX is a long-trusted brand in lacrosse. They make very high-quality sticks that are great for any skill level. The Crux 600 is currently their best model. This stick may need to be restrung upon purchase (~$40)

These sticks are still pretty high-quality, but are better suited to players that aren't sure if they're going to play past a season or two.


STX Crux 400


This stick will be somewhat similar to the Crux 600 with only a few differences in shape. This stick will need to be restrung upon purchase (about $40). 


Stringking Complete Type 4


This stick is lightweight and the full-mesh will provide a lot of hold, making it easier to catch and cradle.


A lot of sticks need to be restrung when they are purchased. This is because factory-strung pockets are rushed and the ball will not sit in the correct spot. The strings are too stiff and strung too tight. 

Many heads can be purchased unstrung (and the shaft will have to be purchased separately), then mailed in to a freelance stringer such as 2lacrosse who will do an AMAZING job for a reasonable price.